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Trion CEO on console games, sequels, and the future

Jef Reahard

It's no secret that Trion has big plans for its future, and we don't just mean its impressive Storm Legion sequel for RIFT. Gamasutra talked to Trion CEO Lars Buttler at last week's E3, and what emerged from the discussion is a portrait of a firm "at the height of our art form, but doing new things."

One of those new things is a partnership with Crytek to publish its new Warface shooter. Another is its previously announced Red Door initiative. Interestingly, and despite developing Defiance for both PC and console platforms, Buttler perceives the console market as a sinking ship.

The company also sees "that the console market is going down," he tells Gamasutra. "I think the writing is on the wall and the best developers will want to make the step sooner."

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