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Mists of Pandaria: Wowhead previews the Dread Wastes


Dread Wastes is a corrupted version of the previous questing zone, Townlong Steppes. The Mantid Corruption will be the main opponent here, as it is in Townlong, but you'll have allies as you progress through this Sha-damaged land.
  • The Klaxxi Sworn to fight the corruption, this race seeks your cooperation in order to build faction with them. Their quest hub, Klaxxi'vess, is in the center of the Dread Wastes.
  • The Anglers Building faction with these lighthearted fishermen rewards you with items to help you fish as well as the Azure Water Strider mount. Their settlement is in the southern part of the zone.
  • Sunset Beergarden These brewers of a special beer made from amber are fighting the mantid, who are killing the trees they need. Their home is located at the northern part of the Dread Wastes, bordering Townlong steppes.
Check out the screenshots and previews of the stories over at Wowhead News.

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