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Vindictus releases Episode 10, now with more dragons


It's double-digits patch time, and you know what that means: dragons, and lots of them. Vindictus has released Episode 10 to the public, giving players a trio of challenging dragons to take down. The ice, earth, and black dragons are all raid bosses for top-tier teams to tackle.

The update also includes new metallic inner armor (read: underwear that rusts) and hair styles for the fashionably conscious. Nexon's also included the option for players to pay for a skill reset on most -- but not all -- of the characters in the game.

Vindictus is currently hosting a quiz event in the game. Players are encouraged to take on the Strange Traveler and best him in a game of knowledge for select prizes.

We've got a video of the new dragon fights in Episode 10 after the jump, so if you can't get enough of them scaly uber-lizards, check it out!

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