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WRUP: This workplace has gone 7 days without a retirement


Every week, just at the start of the weekend, we catch up with the WoW Insider staff and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" -- otherwise known as: WRUP. Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game, and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

I have terrific news you guys. No one left WoW Insider forever this week. No one went off to start a new life across the country. Yours truly is here, in charge of WRUP, and sharing with you a nonsensical video to get your weekend started right.

It is as it was meant to be. Mostly because everyone here has spent the last seven days locked in cages to prevent their escapes.

Anyway, ladykin and menfolk, it's time to get out your NES Advantage knockoff, enter your favorite cheat codes, and tell us: What are you playing this weekend?

Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) I actually have a free schedule this weekend due to clearing Dragon Soul with my guild all in one night. Likely I'll tool around a bit on the beta, catch up on a bit of writing, and entertain the family, because my brother's going to be in town. Plus, Sunday is Father's Day, and since my dad is pretty much the best dad ever, we'll probably spend the day watching baseball.

Chase Hasbrouck (@alarondruid, @alaronmonk) I bought a bunch of older 360 games that I missed out on the first time around, so I'm probably playing either Prince of Persia or Fable II.

Dan Desmond (@antigen_) I might have gotten the Diablo III bug again. At the very least, I figure I should play the game through until Inferno before I decide to put it down again. Otherwise I'll be dabbling on my paladin, maybe trying my hand at some SC2 Bronze league (not likely, but it's possible) and kicking my butt into gear on the Mists beta. Oh, and I really need to finish Bastion one of these days. Eventually.

Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb) I think I may actually polish off the first season of Breaking Bad. I'll give my dad a call on Sunday, too, of course. If I have any other spare time, I may make another attempt to level my gnome warrior to 85 for the Classy Gnomes achievement for my guild.

Fox Van Allen (@foxvanallen) I really haven't had a chance to set up a work space since arriving in Los Angeles, so that's probably what I'll be doing. Oh, and provided my account gets unbanned, I'll try to swing by Proudmoore Pride on Saturday.

Joe Perez (@lodurzj) Looking for a decent Fraps replacement, making plans to document the journey from 85 to 90 as a restoration shaman and seeing how it is to do so specced as purely restoration. Also Savage Worlds: Interface Zero on Sunday, in which my character will be attempting to help storm a space station using his non combat charms and such. I love playing a face.

Lisa Poisso (@LisaPoisso) Rogue leveling for me!

Matt "Matticus" Low (@matticus) Hoping to give Saint's Row the Third a shot this weekend.

Matt Walsh (@Rhidach) Just set up a new PC, so I need to reinstall a bunch of games before I can play them. I think my first priority right now is finishing up the Humble Indie Bundle: finish Limbo, starting Psychonauts, and avoiding the hell out of Amnesia. I'll probably also play some Minecraft as well.

Megan O'Neill (@slowpoker) Beta, writing, Dad's Day on Sunday, job getting, and most prominently, squealing in glee at my new computer and all the graphical beauties it brings to my WoW screen. I've been missing out for far too long.

Olivia Grace (@oliviadgrace) I won't be playing anything at all. I'm in Sweden all weekend visiting my favourite man.

Robin Torres (@cosmicgeek) Board games. The Spawn's activities are supremely limited due to a splint on her arm. So we'll be playing many board games. I'm going to have to pick up some more this weekend, because I can play Parcheesi and Battleship only so many times a day.

The weekend is the perfect time to kick back, relax and enjoy some game time. Are you an achievement junkie? Can't get enough raiding? Rolling a new alt? Considering taking the leap into roleplaying? Whatever your favorite way to play World of Warcraft, let us know in the comments what you're playing this weekend!

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