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Transmog your way into a classic plate DPS clown suit

Matthew Rossi

Being that I'm a huge transmog junkie, I'm awfully jealous of Dawn and Anne and their cool transmog posts. But I don't generally go around trying to look like an Avenger or a member of the Stormwind Guard or even Deckard Cain. This had me despairing for a bit, because it meant I couldn't really come up with a hook for a transmog set.

Then, while farming Molten Core for the left Binding of the Windseeker (it didn't drop, although the right one did -- again), I got the Flameguard Gauntlets, a pair of gloves I've probably vendored more times than I can remember. And suddenly, it all clicked. I knew exactly what I would do with my transmog post. I would recreate the look of the classic WoW raiding DPS warrior. I would resurrect the clown suit.

The clown suit was the cobbled-together, not at all coordinated, not-matching-well-at-all set of epic DPS gear almost all warriors threw together in classic WoW raiding.

Since the number of tanks you could use on a pull was so variable, you could end up with five or six warriors tanking for trash and only one or two for bosses, meaning that the other four (especially in a 40-man raid) would end up switching to DPS gear when they weren't needed to tank. Since there was no such thing as DPS tier gear for warriors back then, we made do with a plethora of items gathered from all across raiding -- many of them leather or mail, although none of those pieces appear in this set due to transmogrification's limitations. Ret paladins at that time were similarly limited. You could wear your tier, of course, but it was not designed for combat. (Pally Tier 2 was better than Tier 1 for DPS purposes, and many wore it, but just as many were stuck without it.)

This particular version of the clown suit is based off of the suit I myself wore. There are variations (and I'll cover them), but first, I'll present what I went with. I'm deliberately staying away from tier sets with their iconic, unified looks, save for the tier 2.5 pieces from Ahn'Qiraj, which were so crucial to the raiding DPS warrior or paladin of the day. Note to death knights: Most of this gear is not a tier set of any kind, so you can look as goofy as this too, if you want. We just didn't have DKs back in the day to dress up like this.

Transmog your way into a classic WoW plate DPS clownsuit
I didn't list Sulfuras in the above list even though I did use it in vanilla because it's not eligible for transmogrification. This is a wound in my heart that will never heal. I guess you could cheat and get the Firelands one, but it looks a little too detailed for the clown suit, in my opinion. Use your own judgement.

If you take the time to look over all of this, you'll see quickly that none of it matches. Even the supposed sets, the Conqueror and Avenger's Battlegear, are so different in color scheme that they don't match pieces intended for shared use, and they absolutely don't match the BWL, MC or world epics that warriors would have been wearing alongside them. The weapons make an already confusing muddle even more ridiculous. What I'm saying is that you're going to look a trifle mismatched and silly in this stuff, and that's OK. It's even sort of the point, really.

This is the past of the game, people. This is what plate DPS looked like. Embrace it! Go nuts with it! Put together the most color-clashing catastrophe you possibly can. Then wear it to the Raid Finder and blow up the DPS meters, making everyone feel doubly bad. Yes, you will say to yourself, I look ridiculous, and I kick ass.

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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