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Go make some Octodad mods for us! Please!


There you were, playing your favorite game featuring a secret octopus father, thinking to yourself," Man, I like Octodad, but wouldn't it be better with secret octopus ghosts hidden randomly throughout the world?" Thankfully for you, crazy person, the team behind Octodad just released "OctodadEditor," which is apparently "the basis of the editor for Octodad: Dadliest Catch" (the Octodad sequel, obviously).

Sure, the editor's a bit on the buggy side (indie development, folks!), and it's PC-only, but just think about all those secret octopus ghosts! Someone's gotta make that madness happen! Grab the editor right here, and head over to the Octodad blog for more thorough instructions on how it all works.

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