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Mac classic OS emulator on Nook Simple Touch


So, your clueless Uncle Rob sent you a Nook Simple Touch for Christmas last year, and it's been sitting around collecting dust. Well, here's something you can do with it -- turn it into a Mac running OS 7.5.3.

Last November, blogger Mike Cane had the dream of running the classic Mac OS on a Nook Simple Touch. His dream was based on the reality of someone who got the old Mac OS running on an iPhone, but he wanted to have a touch-enabled Mac that would run on a thin tablet device with 256 MB of RAM and a 600 x 800 screen.

At the time of Cane's post, someone had begun work on moving the Mini vMac emulator to Android, Now, that work is complete, and Cane is the happiest camper in the world. He has a gallery of screenshots taken by Mini vMac for Android user FlyingToaster that include the flat Mac running MacPaint and a number of games.

I'm excited -- this means my Kindle Fire may finally have a purpose if I can get Mini vMac for Android (free) or Mini vMac II ($1.99) running on it. First I've got to find a valid Mac ROM image, though...

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