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MacGuffin's Curse gets a big free update, goes half-off now


MacGuffin's Curse is a terrific iOS title that you might have missed when it first arrived on the App Store. It's an adventure puzzle game made by some really talented game developers just starting out. And now the game's even better: It's been updated with a big add-on, featuring lots of new quests, puzzles, rooms, and a bunch of other new content. There's also developer commentary, so whether you're just getting into this one now or happen to already be a big fan, you can get behind-the-scenes on how the game was put together. It's $1.99 on iOS right now and definitely worth the purchase if the game sounds fun to you at all.

Or, if you'd rather play it on your Mac, you can do that too. The devs are offering the title through the Humble Indie Bundle website, and the desktop version is currently on sale there for half off, or $3.49. The game is also available through Steam if you'd rather set up and install it that way.

MacGuffin's Curse is a really great title that probably didn't get the attention it deserved at release. Don't miss out on this one for sure.

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