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Mozilla working on 'Junior' iPad Webkit browser


Mozilla announced that it's working on a browser for the iPad called Junior. Mozilla said it wants to make browsing "more fun, more ergonomic" and hopes to re-think the browsing experience "from the ground up." As with almost all third-party browsers on the iPad, the app will be based on Apple's built-in Webkit framework, the same one that underlies Mobile Safari.

The company showed off the browser in a recent presentation by the Product Design Strategy team. Mozilla's iPad browser will be a full-screen experience that tries to de-clutter the UI by ditching the address bar and tabs at the top. Mozilla has replaced the familiar tool bars with two main buttons, located towards the bottom of the screen. The buttons can be used to perform six operations like print, forward, and reload. According to The Verge, Mozilla hasn't finalized what these six actions will be.

Though it might have a different look and feel, Mozilla Junior will have all the major features of a web browser including private browsing, bookmarks, and web history. Mozilla will also add support for multiple accounts so users can login and access only their information. You can read more about the browser on Mozilla's website and watch the video presentation which talks about the iPad browser at the 30:33 mark.

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