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Not So Massively: DreamHack Summer 2012 edition


This weekend was DreamHack Summer 2012, during which the MOBA world got together to run some awesome tournaments with huge cash prizes. Heroes of Newerth set the tone for the event with the biggest prize pool at DreamHack: a whopping $60,000. In addition to a standard tournament, S2 Games held the first ever Mid Wars tournament and invited amateur players to battle against the professionals. Bloodline Champions made its usual grand showing with its own packed tournament, and Dota 2 ran the massive $57,000 Corsair Vengeance tournament.

League of Legends continued the trend with its own $40,000 tournament and announced that Greece will get a fully voice-localised game client in the near future. Rumours of gold duplication in Diablo III continue to spread this week despite a lack of hard evidence behind the claims, and legislators in South Korea proposed a new law that will make the real money auction house illegal in that country. Path of Exile started a new community character build showcase to demonstrate the upcoming game's incredible customisation system. Finally, Blacklight Retribution showed off its interesting new Kill Confirmed game mode, while Rise of Immortals released its official Kreed immortal spotlight.

Heroes of Newerth title image
The Heroes of Newerth $60,000 DreamHON tournament was a huge success this weekend, with a full livestreaming schedule and the biggest prize pool in the entire DreamHack Summer 2012 weekend. Teams Fnatic RaidCall and Trademark eSports beat their way past some stiff competition to head off against each other in the grand final. Fnatic secured a convincing win and collected the top prize. The tournament was topped off with the first official Mid Wars tournament.

Bloodline Champions title image
Bloodline Champions' annual DreamHack tournament took place this weekend as well, with a packed match schedule interspersed with live commentary and followed by interviews with the champions. Team MrDandiktory rode a clear path to victory, winning tonight's final in a series of spectacular matches steamed live via Twitch TV. At the end of the tournament, Stunlock Studios showed off its newest Bloodline, Sentinel, for the first time.

Dota 2 title image
Valve continued polishing the Dota 2 user interface this week with a new option to rearrange the hero grid and clearer tooltips for Aghanim's Scepter. Dota 2 made an impressive showing at DreamHack Summer 2012 this weekend too, with the $57,000 Corsair Vengeance tournament. The tournament was streamed live online to thousands of fans at home and the final ended just a few hours ago.

In an incredibly close four-hour grand final, French team mTw beat favourites Na'Vi to claim the top prize. Na'Vi will have to step up its game in August's world championship tournament The International to defend its title, as mTw is also on the roster for that tournament.

League of Legends title image
League of Legends has always been popular throughout Europe, but this week developer Riot Games announced plans to widen its support to Greece. LoL will soon be getting a fully localised Greek client, including not just text translations but also full Greek voiceovers. The $40,000 DreamHack Summer 2012 tournament was a spectacular success, with team CLG.EU beating Moscow5 in the final to win the top prize and season two competitive circuit points.

It's rare for players to get excited about a cosmetic character skin, let alone one that they have to pay for. This week Riot Games released a flood of details on new legendary skin Pulsefire Ezrael, and fans went positively mental in support. Legendary skins are significantly more expensive than regular cosmetic upgrades but come with all-new sound, animations, and visual effects.

Blacklight: Retribution title image
Blacklight: Retribution released its brand-new game mode, Kill Confirmed, this week; it puts an interesting twist on standard team deathmatch gameplay. As the name suggests, players in Kill Confirmed have to confirm every kill they make by picking up kill data dropped by slain enemy team members. The enemy players could wipe out your entire team, but if they can't pick up the kill data, they'll get no points.

Players can also pick up their teammates' kill data to prevent the enemy team from getting its grubby mitts on it. This adds an element of strategy to the online shooter: Do you hit the opposing force hard to wipe them all out and prevent kill data from being retrieved, or do you fight in close proximity to confirm kills quickly? Players traveling in groups will also have a huge point advantage due to their being able to deny enemy players kill confirmations.

Diablo III title image
Rumours of gold duplication have spread across Diablo III this week, as players reported seeing duplication in action on a popular livestream show. No videos of the alleged streamed event have yet surfaced, and images presented as proof are likely to have been faked. The real money auction house went live this week on the North American and European servers, but a new law in South Korea has shut down hope of the RMAH launching there too.

The new law makes it illegal to sell virtual items for cash, with a fine of 50 million South Korean Won ($42,892.68) for companies and individuals found selling within South Korea. A related law also goes into effect next month; it makes using botting software to collect items in an online game illegal.

Path of Exile title image
Upcoming dungeon crawler Path of Exile has started a new video series looking at interesting builds that beta players come up with. Path of Exile's main selling point is an intricate customisation system featuring combinable skill gems and an incredibly extensive passive skill tree. The first video in the series highlights Big_Z's Ice Spear Totem Templar build based around summoning totems that cast high-damage Ice Spears at enemies and protecting the totems with Freezing Pulse.

Rise of Immortals title image
Last week Rise of Immortals released its newest immortal, melee mage Kreed, the Elementalist. This week developers released Kreed's official immortal spotlight video, featuring full explanations of each of his skills and some tips on playing him in a game. The video also contains suggested item builds and talent setups. Every third ability Kreed casts will be an augmented primal version with an additional effect and increased damage, making him an easy character to play but a tricky one to master.

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