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Heroes & Generals brings persistent WW2 action to your browser

Jef Reahard

If you haven't checked out Heroes & Generals yet, what are you waiting for? Reto-Moto has just updated the game's beta to something called the Bradley build, and the devs have released an accompanying video diary that details all the changes.

The update brings several weapon tweaks, new weapon modifications, and new town map layouts to the World War II shooter. And before you make the mistake of thinking that H&G is yet another FPS, have a look at the feature set as well as some of the other videos on display at the game's official website.

The title is basically two games in one. You've got a massively multiplayer online FPS and a strategic asset management game, both of which affect the other via persistent campaigns. All of this happens in your browser, too, though how Reto-Moto manages the game's high-fidelity visuals and sprawling environments is part of the company's proprietary Retox engine secret sauce. Check out the dev blog after the break, and take a gander at our first impressions for further gameplay details.

[Source: Reto-Moto press release]

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