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Star Wars: The Old Republic brings team ranked warzones back to the PTS


BioWare has some good news today for the more competitive Star Wars: The Old Republic players: Team ranked warzones are back on the PTS. With this feature, players will be able to rally into groups of eight to take on opposing groups for honor and glory. Thanks to some newly implemented tech, players will remain in their premade groups even after the PvP match is over, which should make re-queuing after the fact considerably simpler.

In addition, the studio has announced a feature known as dual queuing. With this feature, players will be able to queue themselves for both a ranked and an unranked warzone simultaneously. If a player in a normal warzone gets a ranked warzone pop, that player's spot in the ranked warzone will be reserved until she finishes the normal warzone match, which should help make the waiting time for ranked warzones pass a bit more quickly. For the full details on the upcoming team ranked warzones, check out the full post on SWTOR's official site.

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