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Vanishing neutrons could be travelling to a parallel universe


Time to break out your theoretical physics cap for a moment. A new idea about the cause of neutron loss (a phenomena in which neutrons seem to momentarily disappear), is pushing the boundaries of easy to conceptualize science. Zurab Berezhiani and Fabrizio Nesti of Italy's University of l'Aquila have suggested that the particles could briefly be visiting parallel universes before returning. Experiments have shown that the rate of loss is dependent on the direction and strength of an applied magnetic field -- an anomaly that doesn't jibe with current physics. If a parallel universe existed consisting of so-called "mirror particles," however, the neutrons could temporarily swap places with its invisible twin before returning to its rightful place in this world. More experimentation is needed, but if the predictions of Berezhiani and Nesti are correct, it could indicate that we're surrounded by mirror particles in a parallel universe -- a potential culprit for the mystery of dark matter.

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