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Face of Mankind updates include public apartments

MJ Guthrie

Oh give me a home, where the... well OK, so it doesn't really matter what roams, as long as there is player housing; for a sandbox game, this one feature is practically a staple. Now Face of Mankind joins the ranks of those games offering a place to call your own. Nexeon Technologies announced that along with other updates, the sci-fi game now has a public apartment feature where players can make a hangout for their friends, create an underground dueling club, or any number of other possibilities. The houses have various permission settings, including charging an entry fee.

Also in the update was a new character panel that helps players organize their character better as well as stay on top of new information released about major combat revisions. To encourage players to get the word out about the game and the new features, FoM implemented a new referral system that rewards 15 days of premium-level game time to anyone (including trial accounts) who has a friend sign up through the referral link and then buys a premium subscription.

[Source: Face of Mankind press release]

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