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LotRO shows off the vistas of Rohan in new video and stills

MJ Guthrie

Many a Tolkien fan has looked forward to traversing the regions of Rohan ever since Lord of the Rings Online was first announced way back when. Now, with the release date for the Riders of Rohan expansion set for September 5th, those fans are literally champing at the bit to run with the horses.

To give players a taste of the area, Turbine has released numerous screenshots of the beautiful landscapes of the Rohan region. A flythough video also highlights waterfalls in East Wall, fields in The Wold, settlements in Norscrofts, and the forests in Eaves of Fangorn, as well as other notable areas.

Check out all of the new images in the gallery below and head past the break for the video flythrough of the gorgeous scenery of Rohan. And for more information about the expansion, check out The Road to Mordor's recent feature focusing on Riders of Rohan.

[Source: Turbine press release]

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