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MacTech Match finds consultants and developers


MacTech has rolled out a handy service -- currently in beta -- for anyone looking to hire consultants, experts and developers. We here at TUAW are often asked "where can I find someone to build my app?" or "who can I find local to me that can help me choose a computer for my small business?" MacTech has a lot of expertise in this area, and it has launched MacTech Match to help customers and experts find each other.

Consultants can list for free here, and anyone can find a consultant for free. Developers, considering their demand and the supply of qualified people (the ones who can ship a quality product on time), are handled a little differently. First, if you are a developer and wish to be listed, you'll have to apply here. If you are a client seeking a developer, there is a nominal fee, a little reading and a call from MacTech before you are matched up with three developers who give bids.

I think this cuts through a lot of hassle if you're perplexed as to where to find a developer who can serve your needs. Check out MacTech Match for more info.

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