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Nokia Lumia devices now present in 54 markets, 44 percent of Windows Phone apps available in China (updated)


In case you want to check Nokia's pulse amid a mixture of good news and bad news, the company's decided to dish out some new stats on its Windows Phones at the first-ever Mobile Asia Expo here in Shanghai. Asia region president Olivier Puech announced the Lumia devices are currently available in 54 markets worldwide, courtesy of over 130 operators and over 80,000 apps (though our friends over at All About Windows Phone said the marketplace broke the 90,000 barrier last month). Sadly, there was no mention of market share or sales figures, but Puech did add that since the Lumia launch in China at the end of March, only 35,000 -- or about 44 percent -- of all those Windows Phone apps are available in the restricted marketplace, 5,500 of which are tailored for the local market. Of course, with Nokia's constant push in the country these numbers should, hopefully, only go up, so hang in there, Elop!

Update: Interestingly, Microsoft's just announced at the Windows Phone 8 event that the marketplace now features over 100,000 apps! If the Chinese marketplace figure is still correct, make that 35 percent instead of 44. Someone should update Mr. Puech.

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