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SMITE schools us with tutorial video


Getting a handle on MOBA-style games can sometimes be tough, particularly if you're brand-new to the genre. That's why Hi-Rez Studios has created an eight-minute tutorial video for its upcoming SMITE: for purely educational purposes. If it so happens to get you totally excited about the game, well, it's not the devs' fault, now is it?

The video explains both the ins and the outs of MOBA gaming in general as well as SMITE in specific. Players are walked through a 5v5 match between the gods. Some of SMITE's particulars are important to note, such as how the game is played in third-person over-the-shoulder view and relies on skill to hit targets (versus locking on to them).

You can get your beginners SMITE certificate by watching the video after the jump. Certificates are completely fictitious and will be mailed seven to nine weeks after course completion. Make sure to also read about our recent hands-on impressions of the game!

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