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Ubisoft's BG&E, Outland, From Dust triple pack leaks box art


The next triple pack treatment is that much closer to being announced. Amazon UK has leaked some box art for the Ubisoft Xbox Live Hits Collection, which places Beyond Good & Evil HD, From Dust and Outland on one retail disc. It's a bittersweet proposition, since we all remember what happened the last time Ubisoft put Beyond Good & Evil on a disc.

If this all seems familiar, it's probably because just about the same thing happened back in January. The emergence of the box art, visible to the left, lends more credence toward this being a real official thing we can buy on this planet with our human money.

The new anomaly is that the Amazon UK listing, which prices the triple pack at £17.99, only lists it for Xbox 360 – no PS3 version can be found. Even though we expect the boilerplate response from Ubisoft, we've still asked for more information.

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