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World of Tanks' 7.4 patch brings new game modes, maps

Jef Reahard
Save is all over the place lately. When they're not dominating E3 booth space or installing gaming centers on real-world battleships, the devs find time to update their action shooters.

World of Tanks' 7.4 patch brings two new game modes, new maps, and new premium tanks to the table. The new modes are called encounter battle and assault. Each is designed to emphasize strategic gameplay. Two opposing teams fight over a single base in the former, while one team defends a base against an assault team in the latter.

The new maps are offering differing gameplay experiences due to their terrain and object placement. Widepark is a "dense labyrinth of streets in a half-ruined European-style town," while Airfield takes place in the hilly terrain of North Africa. Full details on the patch are yours for the reading at the official World of Tanks website, and don't forget the new trailer after the break.

[Source: press release]

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