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WWDC, junior edition: WSJ talks to young developers


Paul Dunahoo has only made US$8,000 on his iOS app business, according to the Wall Street Journal, but, not surprisingly, the 13-year-old developer is happy with his profits. In what's becoming a growing trend, Dunahoo and other young developers like him are pursuing their interests by spending their free time working on iOS apps.

Dunahoo is one of a few hundred teen and college-aged developers who spent last week networking with other developers and learning new programming tips and tricks at WWDC. Many of them took advantage of Apple's scholarship program that provided 13- to 17-year-old developers with the money to cover the cost of a WWDC admission ticket. Once there, young developers could relax in a dedicated student lounge stocked with skittles and comfy bean bag chairs.

It's the first time Apple opened up the developer's conference to those under 18-years of age and, judging by the Wall Street Journal report, it's a policy Apple will likely continue in the future.

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