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3DS LL hardware refresh on July 28 in Japan, packs 4.88 inch top screen and 4.18 inch bottom screen


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed a hardware refresh for the 3DS is currently in the works during today's Nintendo Direct presentation. Dubbed the 3DS LL, this new handheld has a 4.88 inch top screen, a 4.18 inch bottom touch-screen and comes with a 4gb SD card. Iwata also said it will have slightly longer battery life than the current unit.

It will not include a new AC adapter, but will be compatible with the 3DS and DSi XL adapter. The 3DS LL will initially be offered in white, black and red, and silver and black.

The 3DS LL will be available in Japan on July 28 for ¥18,900 ($235).

Update: It's coming to the US!

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