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Journey, Flower and Flow PS3 bundle listed for late summer


thatgamecompany confirmed early this morning that a disc-based Journey collector's edition, which will include Flow and Flower, is a thing for PlayStation 3, but "can't say anything more."

That's okay, we'll let retailers do a little more of the talking: both GameFly and Play-Asia list the compilation with an August release date. There is no speculation on price at this time.

None of thatgamecompany's PlayStation Network PS3 titles were previously available on disc, but Flow was available on PSP. The most excellent Journey concluded the developer's three-game deal with Sony and now thatgamecompany is moving toward unknown horizons in self-publishing.

Update: Added full statement from company after the break.

thatgamecompany statement to Joystiq: "Yes, the Journey Collector's Edition is a thing. We can't say too many things about it, but we'll have the full details on it soon, and the details will be awesome."

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