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MacUpdate bundle includes Parallels, Civ, ScreenFlow, ending soon


There's only about a day left as of this posting in the latest MacUpdate Bundle, and it's a phenomenal deal for sure. For $49.99, they're offering a cornucopia of great desktop software: Parallels 7, ScreenFlow 3, Civilization V (!), stream recorder Jaksta, encrypter Espionage 3, Speed Download 5, Attachment Tamer 3, KeyCue 6, A Better Finder Rename 9, and My Living Desktop 5. Any two of those apps are probably worth that price, but for this bundle, you can grab all of them together.

The bundle lasts through Friday, so don't wait if you're thinking about picking it up. There's also a demo bundle for download if you want to try some of these apps out, and there are a few other deals in there too: Picking up the bundle gets you a discount on the Civ 5 Gods and Kings expansion, and for just spreading the word about the bundle, you can get Mac locking app Red Hand for completely free.

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