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SpyParty selected as the Indie Showcase title for EVO 2012


Remember Spy Party, that sniper vs. spy game Chris Hecker made and showed off at our E3 meetup last year? The game, originally designed as the ultimate test of deep gaming skill, is getting a spotlight on one of the biggest competitive gaming stages as the Indie Showcase title at EVO 2012.

That means Spy Party will be playable at the event in Las Vegas in two weeks, and Hecker says he's hoping to have the demos hooked up to the Internet, letting attendees play some of the top players online. 50 beta invites are also being given away right now, so head over and sign up if you're interested. Spy Party was designed to test and highlight extreme player skill, so it's awesome to see it get placed in an event that brings in skilled gamers from all over the world.

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