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Tumblr 3.0 for iPhone completely rebuilt


Easy blogging service Tumblr has released an update for its official iPhone app, and its interface has been completely rebuilt. The dashboard is cleaner, and it's done away with that custom bottom bar found in the original app. There are almost too many big updates to count: You can now upload high res pictures and browse them in a new interface, you can search tags, notifications have been gathered in one place (hopefully not in your feed, like the last version), and the whole app is faster to load, navigate and use. There's even offline support, which is a big gamechanger.

In other words, if you use the Tumblr app on your iPhone, you probably want to grab this free update right away. I use Tumblr for a quick foodie photoblog of mine, and it works great for that purpose, so this new update should work even better. Next up, Tumblr: iPad support?

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