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iPhone 4 and 4S now available to purchase outright at Cricket for $399 and $499

Zachary Lutz

There's nothing quite like the pent-up anticipation for an Apple product arrival, and yes, that extends even to customers of Cricket, who lined up this morning for their first chance to score an iPhone from the prepaid carrier. While both the iPhone 4 (8GB) and 4S (16GB) must be purchased outright -- for $399 and $499 respectively -- sales were said to be "brisk" today, which can be partially attributed to Cricket's $55 per month plan. For the monthly layout, customers can take advantage of unlimited calling, messaging and data, although they'll need to contend with throttling for any usage past 2.3GB. Next up, Virgin Mobile is similarly situated to receive the iPhone on June 29th. Think there'll be any lines?

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