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Details unveiled about Star Wars: The Old Republic's Legacy Perks

Eliot Lefebvre

It's always fun to hit significant progress milestones in a game... the first time. The next three or four times it can start to get just a bit more tedious. Star Wars: The Old Republic's Legacy Perks in the upcoming patch 1.3 are intended to help ensure that your alts can focus on doing the things you like the most and get a little extra boost along the way. Unlike account-wide unlocks, Legacy Perks are unlocked per character, meaning you can tailor different characters to different fashions.

The perks are split into four main categories: Advancement, Convenience, Companion, and Travel. Advancement perks lets you earn more experience from your favorite activities, whether you'd prefer to advance faster from story quests or Warzones or even just exploring. Convenience perks give you access to remote vendors and mailboxes, while Travel perks grant you special teleports and earlier speeder options. Last but not least, Companion perks let you improve your crew's crafting skills, affection gains, and turnaround on missions. Take a look at the full rundown for a more in-depth picture of how your Legacy will affect individual characters in the upcoming patch.

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