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Radiolab releases Android, iOS app, invites you to join the sound collage

Brian Heater

We're not going to go so far as stating conclusively that Radiolab is the best program on your dial right now, but it's certainly a prime contender for that title. The Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich-hosted WYNC show frames scientific topics in a fascinating and understandable manner accessible to even the most unscientifically minded among us. The program now joins the ranks of public radio shows that crossed over into the world of mobile apps, arriving on Android and iOS. For $2.99, you get access to every episode of the show, audio and video bonuses and news pertaining to the program. The app's also heavy of interstitial animations (as evidenced by the video below) and lets users submit audio recordings and end-credit readings for inclusion on the show.

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