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Report: Nintendo now co-owns Fatal Frame IP


Nintendo now co-owns the intellectual property rights to Project Zero – known as Fatal Frame in North America – according to a report on Rely On Horror. Nintendo apparently added Tecmo's spooktacular franchise to its list of copyrights. Furthermore, it appears that Nintendo wholly owns the IP for Spirit Camera, the Fatal Frame spin-off recently released on the 3DS. The company also has ownership and publishing rights for Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, which is slated to hit Europe later this year (still no North American announcement for that one).

Nintendo has been tied to the Fatal Frame series for a few years now, publishing the two Fatal Frame games mentioned above as well as Fatal Frame 4, which was never released outside of Japan. Given Nintendo's penchant for extra screens, and Fatal Frame's reliance on capturing ghosts with cameras, the partnership makes sense. Now just give us one on the Wii U, please.

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