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Five apps to help you prepare for the non-stop tennis of Wimbledon


It's the end of June, and for tennis fans that means it's time for Wimbledon. The UK tennis tournament kicks off Monday, June 25. Whether you'll be attending in London or watching from afar, we have a list of apps that'll help you follow the matches from your iPhone and even brush up on your own tennis skills.

Official Wimbledon app (Free)

The official Wimbledon app is for fans who don't want to miss any of the action. The app lets you keep track of live scores and even listen to matches on one of the three Wimbledon Radio stations. Player profiles, schedules and on-demand video round out this excellent app. If you're in the UK, you also can download the BBC's iPlayer app which will have even more coverage.

Tennis Trakker Pro ($12.99)

Tennis Trakker Pro is a statistics app that'll let you keep track of a tennis player's performance. You can record the outcome of each point in a tennis match and use this information to identify a player's strengths and weaknesses. The app has a cloud component that'll let you upload match information for future reference and also share it with others who can watch the updates in real-time using ScoreTrakker. This cloud feature does require a subscription which is available via an in-app purchase. New users are eligible for a free 90-day trial of the upload service. There's also a lite version of the app which will let you evaluate it for free.

Flick Tennis: College Wars HD ($3.99)

Flick Tennis: College Wars HD is for those idle moments when you are tired of tennis highlights and want to settle down with an entertaining game. Flick Tennis isn't a simple back and forth volleying game. It has a storyline that lets you play the role of tennis prodigy Kevin Adams who must fight against the odds to become the best tennis player in the world. There are three modes in the game including story, exhibition and multiplayer. Story and exhibition mode have both single and double matches, while multiplayer mode lets you play head-to-head against a friend on the same device. The game has 11 tennis courts, 10 players and even 35 comic book cut-scenes which add to the plot in story mode.

Tennis Clinic ($4.99)

Tennis Clinic is for the budding tennis star who wants a portable pocket reference. The app is filled with video tutorials from tennis pros who cover the basic strokes, specialty strokes and other tips & tricks that'll help improve your game. All the tutorial videos are embedded into the app which means you don't have to worry about finding a fast internet connection when you want to watch a video. Because the lessons are included, the app is a hefty 571 MB.

USTA Mobile (Free)

The USTA app is for US tennis players who want to keep track of United States Tennis Association leagues and tournaments while on the go. You can find tournaments and review the draw. Once you've picked a tournament or a league, you can register for them right from your phone. The app also keeps tracks of players so you can view their records and gain a competitive edge before you start your first serve.

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