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Mario crossover developer launches Super Retro Squad Kickstarter project


Exploding Rabbit, the development team behind Super Mario Bros. Crossover, recently hopped on the Kickstarter train to seek funding for its next game, Super Retro Squad. The game shares the 2D platforming qualities of the aforementioned crossover game, but uses original art and music this time around.

The game will feature "40+ levels that will be spanned across 8 worlds," and each world will be "based on one of the characters, so there will be plenty of variety found in the environments and enemies." The project also aims to include equipment and character upgrading, as well as hidden items in levels that can only be found with specific characters.

A $15 pledge to the project earns fans a digital copy of the game upon its tentative March 2013 release for Mac, PC, Linux, Android, and iOS. Super Retro Squad will be fully funded if it reaches the $10k mark by July 19.

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