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EVE Online Inferno 1.1 opens for business


Patches are serious business. Just ask CCP, which has deployed its first major post-Inferno update to EVE Online's space cowboys and their cute toy ships. Inferno 1.1 is nothing to sneeze at, with its expanded loyalty point stores, increased visuals, and a cargo hold full of fixes and tweaks.

Players sucking up to one of the four militias in the game now have more merchandise to drool over. The loyalty point stores now include factional uniforms that come in both male and female varieties. Alternatively, you can drop real-world money for other uniform variants that have been added to the NeX store.

The Minmatar ships finally receive a dose of graphical love in 1.1, with V3 shader upgrades for their hardware. Due to popular demand, players are now able to watch a target area for a while after the target's been blown to kingdom come.

As always, there are too many changes to summarize in a few short paragraphs, so check out the patch notes to get the down low on Inferno 1.1!

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