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LifeProof introduces Nuud, environmental case for iPad


LifeProof has made waterproof iPhone cases for quite some time, and as this TUAW review shows, they can put up with a dunking without a glitch. Now the company has introduced a LifeProof iPad case called the Nuud that brings the same level of protection to your favorite tablet.

While the price is still unknown, we do know a little bit about the Nuud. It will work on the second- and third-generation iPads, has the same Military Grade shock and impact protection, and will be waterproof up to 2 meters (6.6 feet). Like the iPhone case, you can use waterproof headphones by plugging them into the headphone adapter with its O-ring seal.

Now here's the odd thing: the case does not include a screen protector. Instead, the case gloms onto the iPad so well that no screen protector is needed to retain water protection. While you'll be able to watch videos with the iPad submerged, you'll need to raise it out of the water to use the capacitive touch controls. For photography, the camera ports are covered with an anti-reflective glass.

The Nuud is expected to show up sometime in July, and we'll start seeing iPads in swimming pools and hot tubs shortly thereafter.

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