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Rumor: Total War: Rome 2 announcement incoming


Rome: Total War (pictured) may be getting a sequel, according to the latest issue of Australia's PC PowerPlay. The page highlighting next month's issue of the magazine, as captured by NeoGAF, shows a screenshot of numerous Roman soldiers battling it out, all overlaid by the large Roman numeral 2.

Another forum goer notes that Total War developer Creative Assembly will be at this year's Rezzed exposition in Brighton on July 6 and 7. The next PC PowerPlay, meanwhile, goes on sale July 18.

The studio is supposed to be discussing "the future of Total War," so it seems likely that a sequel is in the cards. A lot has changed since Rome: Total War was first released back in 2004. Notably, the naming convention has been flipped, meaning a sequel will probably be called Total War: Rome 2.

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