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City of Heroes summer blockbuster event starts tomorrow


We're in the thick of the summer movie blockbuster season, so you can't blame the folks at Paragon Studios from trying to get in on the fun. The devs are so on board with this concept, in fact, that City of Heroes will kick off its Summer Blockbuster Double Feature event starting tomorrow.

As the name implies, this event features two movie-like adventures. The first one is called Time Gladiator, and it features an over-the-top fight in a Roman coliseum. The second one, Casino Heist, is a robbery-gone-awry as the superheroes take on the tough security forces. Each movie event has a different mechanic as well: Time Gladiator will have players filling up a favor meter to unlock a bonus stage, while Casino Heist divvies up your team into specialized roles.

Paragon's even made a movie theater lobby for players as they wait. It's here that winning submissions from the player-designed poster contest are displayed.

Players are welcome to kick back with this double feature as long as they're level 15 or higher. If a player completes both movies, they'll be treated to a new universal damage IO enhancement. One enhancement can be earned every 20 hours.

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