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Ematic unwraps 9.7-inch eGlide Pro X tablet, widens its Android 4.0 horizons in a literal sense


Ematic has a tendency to release a lot of tablets, so what's one more? In the case of the eGlide Pro X, quite a bit. The newly shipping model uses a 9.7-inch, 4:3 ratio display that will be quite familiar to some, but which is still quite rare in the narrower, 16:10-happy world of Android 4.0. It's thankfully more than just superficials that get the boost. We'd say that the Pro X is just that slightly more pro than its XL Pro ancestor through a faster 1.2GHz processor and a doubled 8GB of built-in storage. A microSD slot, HDMI, Kobo's book app, and Ematic's own Google-replacing software all show their familiar faces. The $220 price currently makes this latest of eGlides a good bargain, but we have a hunch you might want to wait until Google I/O -- you never know what you might get.

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