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Full PlanetSide 2 E3 theater details customization and player tools

MJ Guthrie

Those who weren't at E3 to get a hands-on experience with PlanetSide 2 now have the opportunity to watch the same theater presentation attendees were treated to. For just over seven minutes, developer Brian Bosch gives viewers a run-down of PS2's factions, classes, and vehicles while demonstrating the in-depth customization for gear and vehicles.

The video ends with a look at the tools Sony Online Entertainment is offering players to keep connected with the game even when logged out. The player website will allow players to check and compare their stats and performance; it will have also a separate planet status tab giving a real-time view of activities on a player's home server. Still worried about being out of touch? Brian states that on the way are mobile uplink apps that will mirror most of the website's functions as well as allow players to hook into the voice program in-game and talk with friends.

Enjoy the full video (and check out the coordinating squad zebra uniforms) after the break.

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