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Google's Jelly Bean cup runneth over, kills grass in the process (update: video!)

Brian Heater

Happy Google I/O week! Why not celebrate with a giant jelly bean or 12? The search giant clearly has some big, colorful plans for later this week, including, perhaps, another entry in its delicious parade of lawn-cluttering mobile operating system dessert foods. The above statue was spotted and posted to the Google Developers page on Google+, and it surely amounts to more than just a belated Easter celebration. We'll no doubt be hearing a lot more on the subject from Google -- and the American Dental Association -- in the days to come.

Update: No, Google wasn't planning on leaving a mess on the Googleplex grass. That jar is part of a more elaborate statue that more clearly reminds us Jelly Bean is, in fact, part of the Android ecosystem. You can catch a video of the assembly and the final product after the break.

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