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Microsoft accentuates the positive, gives Windows Phone 7.8's new start screen a closer look (video)


Reactions to news that Windows Phone 7 devices would never turn into Windows Phone 8 handsets were decidedly mixed, but the company is now making sure people know just what's in the coming "pattern of upgrades." Company evangelist Ben "The PC Guy" Rudolph shot this video of Windows Phone 7.8 running on a Lumia 900, showing off its updated Start screen with resizable tiles. We weren't able to get hands-on time or take video when we saw one of the phones in person last week, but now you can see how smoothly it works for yourself. There's more than just a video, as Ben's blog post points out a new Windows Phone 7.5 site set up to keep owners updated on all the new features and apps they are getting (like Audible, Words With Friends and Draw Something), as opposed to focusing on the ones they're not.

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