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Sprint's share of iPhone sales at big box stores double that at Apple retailers


A new study by CIRP shows that even though Sprint is finally carrying the iPhone in the U.S., it might have come a little too late to the party. According to the study, Sprint is selling twice as many iPhones at big box retail stores like Best Buy than it's selling at Apple Stores. That's interesting, mostly because AT&T and Verizon's sales are about the same share in both places. So why is Sprint at such a disadvantage in Apple Stores as compared to more traditional places like Best Buy?

CIRP says it's simply because both users and retailers are more used to AT&T and Verizon selling the iPhone, and that Sprint might have fallen back simply because it only started selling the iPhone recently. When current AT&T or Verizon users go to upgrade their phone, or when new users go to pick up a phone, Sprint ends up being last on the list at the Apple Store. AT&T's got the original base of users, Verizon has the folks who were waiting for a second carrier and Sprint has gotten lost in the mix.

Sprint didn't confirm this information, and realistically, outside of working on a better partnership with Apple or separate advertising, there's not a lot it can do to beef up its Apple Store sales. But it is interesting to hear that Sprint might have arrived slightly late to the iPhone party.

[via MacRumors]

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