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YouTube app goes live on Vita today for all your gaming-video needs


The YouTube app for Vita is going live today, available for download through the PS Vita Store on PSN. We knew previously that the app would hit Vita by the end of June.

YouTube on Vita will play HD videos up to 720p, with the option to toggle between standard and HD. The app will have many standard YouTube features, including recommended videos, comments, history, favorites and the all-important "search" function.

Most importantly of all, the YouTube app will allow Vita users to access the shiny new Joystiq YouTube channel, revamped with new content, fresh videos and original features. We guess people on computers, using smartphones and browsing tablets can access the Joystiq channel, too, but can they do it while stroking the back of their screen? Well, yeah, but that would just look weird.

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