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Zynga has 22 million daily active mobile users, announces partner program


Social gaming giant Zynga is holding a press conference called Zynga Unleashed in San Francisco today, and while much of the news out of that conference is about the company's successful Facebook and social game business, Zynga has a huge interest and following in mobile games as well. The company announced that it's hit 22 million daily active users on mobile (that's users logging in daily, across iOS and Android, to Zynga mobile games), and that it has a number of new titles coming out soon. Matching with Friends will add to the growing Words with Friends brand (which Zynga acquired by picking up an iOS developer), and Draw Something, also acquired by Zynga, is just about to hit its 10 billionth drawing.

Zynga has announced a partner program for other mobile developers. It says that it has acquired a massive audience on mobile, and this program will be used to share that audience with other developers (for a fair price, I'm sure). Atari is the first big named signed up to the partner program, and Dark Meadow devs Phosphor Games and former Rare devs turned indie studio Crash Lab are also on the list.

Elsewhere at the conference, Zynga announced a new version of FarmVille and a new Sims-like title called simply The Ville, but there was no mention of bringing these to a mobile platform anytime soon. We'll see.

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