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Cablevision launches iOS app to track down Optimum WiFi hotspots, keep you off the 3G sauce


Some internet purveyors make a big fuss over having public WiFi. It's not often that they go out of their way to help you find that WiFi, however, and that's where CableVision's recently posted (but just now official) Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder comes in. If you're one of the cable company's Optimum Online subscribers, the currently iOS-only app will pinpoint the 35,000 access points that you can call a home away from home. As we'd hope, the app both finds hotspots nearby for an immediate fix or drills down to specific hotspots if you're just that determined to find a restaurant with a data pipe. The app and WiFi access are both free -- apart from that small matter of the cable account, of course -- and will no doubt help iPad and iPhone owners for whom Optimum WiFi's 15Mbps speed is an oasis in a sea of pokey 3G.

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