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    Daily iPhone App: Strikefleet Omega features drag-and-drop space strategy


    Strikefleet Omega is a brand new title from the creators of Crimson: Steam Pirates that I'd describe as a sort of a Flight Control in reverse. Instead of guiding ships to a base by drawing a line, you're instead dispatching them from a series of huge spaceships, sending out smaller drones to tackle and take down incoming invaders. Just like Flight Control, the gameplay can get increasingly crazy, but since everything is wave-based (kind of like a tower defense title), there's a good amount of strategy to it as well, rather than just line-drawing around. Later in the game, you can get extra abilities and ship types that need to be managed as well, so the game ends up being a sort of real-time strategy lite, where you control groups of units rather than single units directly.

    It's a very well-made title -- the graphics look great, and even the story (of an alien invasion that forces an Earth fleet to find other resources) is well-portrayed through dialogue bubbles and sharp characters. There's a big upgrade system too -- it's all freemium-based, which might turn some players off, but the game seems generous enough that there's a good bit of gameplay to be found before you start bumping into paywalls.

    Strikefleet Omega is an excellent take on line-drawing and strategy, and it's well worth the free download if you're interested in either one of those things. The game's a little casual, especially in the beginning, for players seeking a challenge, but if you stick around until the other systems are unlocked, you'll find a deep yet accessible strategy action title.

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