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Dark Meadow devs' next title is Horn


Phosphor Games' Dark Meadow made a big splash when it arrived on iOS last year, offering up a unique (and somewhat scary) experience on Apple's platform, with some excellent graphics and storytelling for a mobile title. Now that studio is following up with a second game, called Horn, as profiled recently by IGN. The game looks intriguing -- it's a third-person fantasy action game, and while it looks a little bit like Infinity Blade (not a bad thing), the world is supposed to be a little more open, with lots of area to explore, and even some puzzles to solve as you move along. Phosphor's already got a nice reputation rolling with Dark Meadow, and Horn looks like it will be good, too.

Horn will presumably also be part of Zynga's partners program, of which Phosphor was reported yesterday as a founding member. What that means is unclear just yet, but the program is designed to connect Zynga's audience and other titles together, so it's possible that Horn will be promoting Zynga's titles or vice versa. We'll have to see -- Horn is due out sometime later on this year.

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