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JoyStream: Watch the Guild Wars 2 beta 'stress test' [updated with replay]

Xav de Matos, @Xav

For a limited time today, developer ArenaNet is putting its upcoming online world, Guild Wars 2, to the test with a four-hour beta event. Joystiq, having recently discovered the joy of yelling into a microphone while readers watch editors fail at video games, will be streaming the tail-end of today's event. Watch it after the break.

From 3:30pm to 5pm ET, the stream from Joystiq's new account (which you should totally follow) will be open. While Xav de Matos plays through the game with a fresh character, Massively columnist Elisabeth Cardy will be on hand to manage your questions from the stream chat and comments on this post. Hilarious banter between both editors is expected, but not guaranteed.

This event represents a game still in beta and things may not function properly. Due to the nature of a "stress test" we may experience crashes, game freezes, and other performance and connection issues. The stream will later be available on Joystiq's YouTube channel. Subscribe!

Update: The stream is over, but we've added the YouTube embed of what you missed.

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