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Trion reveals RIFT's 1.9 Conquest patch notes

Jef Reahard

It's patch day in Telara, which means it's patch note post day at Massively. RIFT's 1.9 update is live without a net, and we're sure plenty of you are as anxious to check out Trion's version of three-faction PvP as we are.

Conquest isn't the only thing on today's menu, of course. There's also the new barbershop functionality, a new mentoring system, more instant adventure locations, and the Summerfest world event. Summerfest includes scavenger hunts and some interesting activities like pet wrangling and the chance to ride a barrel over a waterfall.

The patch features a number of additional tweaks and updates, all of which are yours for the reading on the official RIFT forums.

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