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Atari sets Greatest Hits free for 40th anniversary


We first tweeted this note late last night, but after waking up this morning and finding out it wasn't a dream, we figured we'd share it with all of you here. Atari celebrated its 40th anniversary yesterday, marking a nice milestone in one of the longest histories in video gaming. And to celebrate, the company has put all -- that's right, all -- of the games in its Atari's Greatest Hits collection for iOS on sale for completely free.

That's right. There are currently 40 years of Atari games available for free download in their official forms on your iPhone or iPad right now. The catch is that you've got to download them today to get them for free, so go over to the App Store, grab the app, and then start downloading inside the app. Today only, there won't be any in-app purchases for your downloads.

After today, any apps you haven't downloaded will go back to in-app purchases. As Atari warns you, if you ever remove or reinstall the app, you'll need to buy all of the games again -- apparently that's just how the system works. But for right now, if you get your downloading fingers moving, you can pick up 40 years of Atari classics for exactly zero dollars.

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