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Cupcakeroo: kidlet and tween fun


There are roughly a badjillion cupcake apps available on the iOS App Store. They're all vaguely the same, providing a fun interactive way to decorate bake goods.

Today, I got a chance to play with Cupcakeroo, a new contender in the crowded field of carb-loaded ornamentation. Retailing for US$1.99 (launch price $0.99 for a limited time), the new app provides one of the kid-friendliest interfaces I have had the opportunity to test.

Loaded with lush graphics, fun interactivity, and lots of great design choices, Cupcakeroo offers more than your garden variety "stick stuff on a cupcake". The app lets kids bake their choices from "scratch" or decorate pre-baked items. You can even blow out "candles" and add sparklers. My kids ended up in an iPad nearly-tug-of-war over who got to use the app.

BEST OF ALL, and I say this in caps because I am a mother, all these features are available without in-app purchase. Frankly, I'm a bit sick of kid-centered apps whose entire existence seems to be centered around reaching into the parent's wallet. Bravo to Maverick Software for making the right choices and building a loyal mom-base.

The game's fun too. Recommended.

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